Experience Økern

An urban experience

Økern will be established as a new part of Oslo city centre, with unique qualities that will make it a destination in its own right. Here, you will find valuable urban experiences in the natural surroundings, the commercial centre, the public pool, the cultural events and activities, and above all: attractive urban spaces for people to gather. 

Økern city centre will be fundamental to Hovinbyen, and will shape and change Oslo in line with Oslo Municipality’s strategy of growth: “Oslo towards 2030: Smart, safe, green” and “Our city, our future: Oslo towards 2040”. New Økern will facilitate a vivid city life, with sustainable, attractive, green and natural urban structures.

City-nature at Økern

Urban nature and meeting places

New Økern will offer an open and inviting city-structure with spacious outdoor areas. Roofs, open spaces and green structures will bring nature close, making it an integrated part of city life. Furthermore, the closeness to new green spaces in Hovinbyen and the Millennium Park will provide a healthier and more fulfilling environment. 

Økern will be the natural gathering place for both visitors and local residents. As an extension to the new Nordic city mall, we will develop a market square with playgrounds, coffee shops and cafés. Moreover, there will be a generous number of facilities offering a sit-down and encouraging people to linger and to socialise. Moreover, activity and market square sales will be extended beyond the opening hours of the city mall. Økern aims to be the place where people want to meet friends and family, or just unwind and enjoy the urban nature.

Økern Aquapark

Aquapark and leisure pool

The realisation of the aquapark at Økern, will give the residents of Oslo a long-awaited facility for bathing and swimming in central Oslo: Oslo has a shortfall of public swimming pools, and no year-round swimming-pool facilities for children. 

With its location at the heart of Oslo, the aquapark will be beneficial for all of Oslo’s residents. Our ambition is to create a multifunctional facility with integrated child friendly aquapark-elements. In addition, there will be amenities suitable for both young, adult, and elderly.

City life and cultural life

Library, cinema and urban experiences

All meeting spots and public spaces at Økern will be activated to vitalise and enrich all of Hovinbyen. As part of this, we are working not only to establish a new, modern, local branch of the Deichman library, but also to establish new cinema facilities in this part of the city. Our aim is to connect the different cultural offers to the culture industry arena in Kabelgata, and create a unique cultural destination.

Økern city centre

Activity and commerce

Gastronomic experiences will be one of the new Nordic city mall’s prime focus areas. Consequently, this plays a vital role in the experience not only of the city mall, which becomes an attraction in itself for its food and beverages, but also of the whole area. In addition, a variety of physical activity facilities will be established, such as training centres, yoga studios and wellness clinics, which will all provide additional reasons to visit Økern city centre.