March 13, 2018

The new vision for Økern Sentrum

ØKERN SENTRUM- We represent a sustainable societal development and a new Nordic model for city development where a high quality of city life is the goal.

City life is the essence of all human activities within the city.  Diverse activities call for different urban spaces of high quality.  Culture, architecture and city nature will create an inclusive urban life that doesn’t exist in the same combination outside Økern. This, in addition to commerce, food, beverages and a public swimming pool, will enhance Økern as a resort for the whole city and a destination for the entire surrounds of Oslo.

People create urban life in interaction with urban structure, and we will lay down premises for a vivid and environmentally friendly way of life at Økern by building attractive and functional dwellings there.

A City centre with residents.

Housing and homes will be an important part of Økern city centre. Having a considerable number of city people, we will establish a new, dynamic and pulsating city centre at Økern. The presence of so many people adds safety and contributes to a great urban lifestyle and dynamic.  There will be pulsating life around the clock and the many residents will take ownership and make a friendly atmosphere.

Central residents of a high standard will function extremely well together with the other facilities going to be established at Økern – commerce, leisure activities and trade.  The housing development must be seen in connection with the trade junction, eating places and urban adventure scenes including; training, fitness, a public city bath and innovative workplaces.

By establishing attractive city centre housing we feel confident that Økern and the whole Hovinbyen will be boosted and become a family-friendly urban city centre.

This is a vison we belive in for Økern Sentrum. Where there is houses in the centre.