December 02, 2019

Steen og Strøm and Storebrand offers NRK functional and flexible plot of land at Økern in Oslo

Through the company Økern Sentrum ANS, the companies Steen & Strøm and Storebrand is joining in on the competition for where NRK will move their new headquarters. 

The site meets the criterias NRK has set for the move. Økern can offer first class public transportation and good access to the road system in Oslo. The plot has a total of 140 000 square meters which potentially can house NRK, and will give NRK great flexibility to choose localization and if they want a clean plot or a reuse of existing buildings. 

Assessed against the criteria NRK themselves has established, Økern Sentrum will be a good option giving NRK a new dynamic and good conditions to solve their social mission, says Thomas Holth - Project director in Steen og Strøm.

NRK will by choosing Økern Sentrum as their new location participate in the rapid development happening at the north eastern part of Oslo. The opportunities for other businesses to establish nearby is almost unlimited. This is important because it will be attractive for media-, culture- and technology companies to find premises near NRK. 

NRK is a business high on competence and knowledge and will have the opportunity to characterize the development of a whole new urban area who Oslo municipality already has pointed out for localisation of knowledge-intensive businesses, says the leader of Storebrand Eiendom Truls Nergaard. 

It exists no known or possible conflicts with other purpose or action which imposes restrictions on the development of the plot. 

Thomas Holth +47 911 36 866

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