January 16, 2019

Sustainability strategy for Økern Centre

Økern Centre will be the central hub of Hovinbyen and will transform and chance Oslo in accordance with the growth strategies of Oslo Municipality: Oslo towards 2030 – «Smart, safe and green» and Oslo towards 2040 – «Our city, our future».

Our filosopy throughout the entire project is a comprehensive and provident approach that ensures sustainability in all aspects of the project. The project aims towards sustainable community development and a new Nordic model for city development where a good and healthy city life is the primary target. Sustainability is not an option, but fundamental to our project.

Økern Centre will have a clear and inspirational sustainable profile for environmentally friendly solutions based on new technology and new knowledge of nature, people and the society we participate in. In both preparatory work, planning and development stage we stretch to a circular and fossil free building site, where innovative and sustainable solutions will be implemented. The execution will be in accordance with BREEAM* standards – including materials, energy consumption, water management and green mobility.

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