Shop, enjoy and discover

A new, Nordic commercial centre

Commerce, in combination with dining and events, is an important cornerstone in creating an attractive and vital city centre, also at night-time and at weekends.  

Økern will be a dynamic commercial area and marketplace not only for Hovinbyen district and north eastern central Oslo, but also for the whole Oslo region. The new, urban commercial centre will represent a sustainable approach to commerce in the city, with a focus on outward extension, green mobility and public connection. Furthermore, local, regional and international trade will be connected to the local market place at Økern, which has a strong and genuine historical tradition in Oslo. As result, Økern will become a resource for all of Oslo’s regional producers and suppliers, and will hence operate at the forefront of a new urban and Nordic approach to commerce.

The commercial areas will be located near to Økern subway station, where a new marketplace and pedestrian street, with a vibrant restaurant and café environment, will be established. The new commercial centre will be easily available for commuters, cyclists and pedestrians, with only a short distance to the residential areas of the Hovinbyen district. 

Økern city centre will entertain and inspire during the daytime as well as at night, with great food experiences, activities and shopping. The new city mall will focus on three main themes: Nordic concepts within food & beverages, fashion & lifestyle, and home & interiors. In other words, there will be something for everyone.


Fashion, sports and lifestyle

Økern will be the place where new Nordic fashion is launched to the world. The centre will house an exciting collection of international, national, regional and local retailers, and will introduce entirely new concepts for the Norwegian market. With merchandise running the gamut from classical quality to the latest trends within fashion, sports and lifestyle, the citizens of Oslo will be presented with an entirely new shopping experience.


Food and beverage

In Oslo today, there is a blossoming of Nordic and Norwegian food culture, and this will be a central focal point for Økern commercial centre. 

Food & beverages play an increasingly important part in our society, laying the ground for an important social arena. A long restaurant street will be established at Økern, facing the subway and the market place. A complete food-destination will be created here, with a wide range of offers: from international street-food, coffee shops, classical cafés and bakeries, to food, wine, and cocktail bars. There will be a variety ranging from classical traditional restaurants, to the new Nordic cuisine and innovative international gastronomy.

The Nordic cuisine is now well established beyond the Nordic countries. It has made an important mark on the gastronomic world-map, promoting our united food-culture and building on the qualities of our region: pure, good, simple and safe food with high aesthetic standards. This is what we want to be the basis for a new melting pot for food-experiences at Økern.


Home & interior

At Økern and Oslo in general, newly-established families, couples and singles will be looking for the home wares to create the right atmosphere and best solutions for their home. Home and interiors will be an important focus area for the new commercial centre. Integrity, quality and sustainability define the Nordic approach to design. This will also be the keynote in our approach to this field: inspiration and styling ideas that reflect a functional, urban and sustainable lifestyle. Design, furniture and interiors will be presented through a wide range of brands, products and the latest collections, customised to any lifestyle and living space. This also includes the latest within electronics and data. Notably, all elements that provide a home with personality will be found at Økern.


The new Nordic city mall at Økern

The new commercial centre, Økern City Mall, will become a landmark in regard to its architecture, design, and composition of shops. The centre will offer approximately 155 shops, dining-places and service-facilities in an open and inviting city-structure, with spacious outdoor areas that make it an inviting meeting place and shopping destination. 

The architecture meets high international standards, with generous ceiling heights in the façade, and open atriums. The ground floor will contain shops and restaurants with a façade open towards the market places and pedestrian streets. In the artistic formation of Økern City Mall, Nordic influence has inspired a distinct identity, with the unique Nordic character as a consistent expression. Green lounges provide closeness to nature, making it an integrated part of the city. 

Sustainable material and building techniques will ensure that the project is certified with the environment label “BREEAM Excellent”. Furthermore, the centre will be certified according to “Miljøledelsessystemet ISO14001” (the leading environment system).