Sustainability and social responsibility

Økern Sentrum – a sustainable development for society and a new Nordic model for city development

Økern centre will be a model for innovative and sustainable city development. Architecture, nature, infrastructure, functions and new technological solutions will all be challenged in order to shape a new model for sustainable city development both nationwide and on the international scene.

We aim to have a clear and inspiring sustainable profile for environmentally friendly solutions based on modern technology and up to date knowledge about nature, human beings and the society we are part of.

Økern centre aims to become an active contributor to and a visible stakeholder in society. Cultural and social meeting places will have priority. Green urban nature spaces will draw nature and wildlife closer to the city where it can be integrated.

Økern centre

A sustainable district of Oslo

We will actively strive to develop Økern Centre in accordance with the values and standards on which Oslo itself shall be built in the future.

We shall include and follow both the municipal plan from 2015 - “smart, green and safe, Oslo towards 2030” and the municipal plan of 2017 - “our city – our future, a warmer, greener and more creative city with room for everybody, Oslo towards 2040.”

We look ahead to see how sustainability can be maintained by optimising the city centre establishment at Økern through the “High Rise” strategy of 2003, the Node strategy of 2016 and the Strategic plan for Hovinbyen, including VPOR studies for Økern/Løren, Haraldsrud and Hovinbyen in general.

Public strategies with relevance to Økern

In Oslo Municipality's strategies, Økern is considered to be a part of town with great potential as regards the High Rise plan, the Node strategy and the strategic plan for Hovinbyen. In addition, the general plan reveals what may be considered to be of value to a city, and what qualities Oslo is expected to have in the future.

Construction will take place in accordance with public wishes and demand for a rewarding city life; blue and green structures are to be coupled and the development will contribute to Oslo preparing for the green change. The project follows the general strategy for node development and mixed use of space in the centre.

Økern is, with its pivotal placement, a strategically important area of investment to the whole north eastern part of Oslo.  This importance, coupled with the market arena of the commercial centre, will develop Økern into a trade centre and the engine room of the development of the entirety of Hovinbyen.


Our city, our future; a warmer, greener and more creative city with room for all – Oslo towards 2040

Smart green and safe – Oslo towards 2030: A plural city life that is safe, active and open to all

The department for plan and construction has a recommendation: High rise in Oslo: Strategy for further work. 2003

Strategic plan for Hovinbyen

Guiding plan for public spaces / Økern-Løren

Areapotential in station-near streets along Oslo Railway Lines. 2017

Developing areas, public transport junctions and station-near areas – 2017

Plan of Action for Increased City Life in Central Oslo – 2017

City Life Without Cars

Budget 2017 and Plan of Economy 2017 – 2020

The Climate Aims of the City Council till 2020 and 2030

Smart City Oslo – coming 2018


Future Built – Urban Future – Coming to Oslo 2019

Oslo Municipality – Green Capital of Europe 2019

Governmental terms Økern centre will meet in development strategies: 

Sustainability goals – Environmental sustainability – Social sustainability – Economic sustainability – Urban lifestyle – Urban nature – Smart city – Rail based development – Mixed use of area – Area potential – City life – Planning together – Multifunctional city places – Green mobility – Compact housing – Climate friendly – Compact living – Exhaust free construction sites – City ecology – Cultural infrastructure – Governmental technical infrastructure – Sustainable location – Junction for public transport – BREEAM-classification of buildings- ISO 14001- certification – smart approach to energy usage – circular construction sites- biodiversity on green roofs – water surplus handling

Solid Focus

Real engagement for urban sustainability

Steen & Strøm and Storebrand have a strong focus on sustainable contribution.

In 2016 Steen & Strøm was chosen as the most sustainable shopping mall company in Europe by the international Gresb Survey. Storebrand was elected the most sustainable pension and assurance company of 2017. Both companies focus on sustainability when developing places and commerce is only one of many offers and is well integrated among other local facilities on the spot. This means good integration with public transport, culture, leisure, companies, services and housing. Sustainable handling includes environmental, social and economic aspects, where each branch has clearly defined goals so that a continuous improvement of their performance is secured.

Storebrand have their own strategy for sustainability which also will be a guideline for this project in cooperation with Steen & Strøm.

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These principles together with the ambitious strategies of Oslo Municipality offers an outstanding chance to make the new Nordic model for sustainable city development come true. We also aim to look ahead for other sustainable initiatives in the future.