Working at Økern

The future of work life.

The vision for Økern’s business and industry is to bring people together, inspire work life and become an arena for new innovative solutions.  The theme for our city development is the New Nordic trend: voicing natural simplicity, quality and integrity.  Our heritage and traditions will be sustained in the process of creating new places of work, green technology, business and sustainable market solutions.

An innovative business development area

At Økern a Nordic relevant value creating hub for commerce and industry in Oslo will be generated. 

Økern will be a smart city centre including inventive trade and business. We will support cooperation between business and knowledge institutions in order to improve future structures in trade and market. This will work on all levels: locally, regionally, nationally and internationally with innovative solutions.

Økern centre will be one of Oslo's biggest work places.

There will be a variety of work places at Økern – with commerce, services, travel agencies and culture in addition to offices.  Commercial work places will exist in close harmony with public work places like schools, kindergartens, institutions for seniors, health care and other functions of society.